The Company

NOVUM GmbH was founded in 1993 as an independent software company and has more than 25 years of experience in the development and implementation of core applications for the insurance industry in a variety of insurance lines of business and financial sectors.


On the basis of a platform concept - the software platform V'ger Enterprise Edition - NOVUM develops both professional standard software and individual solutions for insurers, financial service providers, and FinTechs.

Since 2015, NOVUM GmbH has also been offering applications as a cloud service. The development of the NOVUM Cloud Platform for V'ger Sky applications has been recognized as an innovation for the insurance industry with the Digital Leader Award 2016 in the Invent Markets category. The NOVUM Group, headquartered in Nuremberg and units in Cologne, Salzburg, Vienna, Maribor and Zurich, now employs over 150 people.

NOVUM Team Germany

Michael Kraus

CEO and Founder

Jutta Stehle

Head of HR

Thomas Ludwig

Head of Consulting

Martin Engelhard

Head of Partner Program

Achim Heidebrecht


Thomas Reimann

Head of Customer Service

Reinhard Hörburger

Managing Director Cologne

NOVUM International Team

Michael Ujcik

Head of Sales Austria, Vienna

Klaus Stadlbauer

Managing Director Salzburg

Peter G. Johann

Managing Director Switzerland

Matevz Rostaher

Managing Direktor Slovenia

Max Bauer

Managing Direktor Slovenia

Who or what is "V'ger"?

We write the year 2273: A gigantic energy cloud called V'ger crosses the universe and slowly drives towards the earth. Only the crew of the Enterprise is able to reveal the secret around V'ger: The core of the cloud is the space probe Voyager, a research probe from NASA.


What makes the 1980s Star Trek blockbusters stand out is also true of NOVUM's products and services: Proven technologies that develop their full potential in the cloud.