NOVUM Partner Program

NOVUM GmbH is still on an expansion course. We are continually expanding our international network of partners.


We are looking for distribution and integration partners to continue to establish our innovative V'ger standard software applications and our V'ger Sky Cloud services, both in German speaking countries and internationally.


Become part of an innovative ecosystem, both on-premise and of the cloud, to provide our customers with the best possible solution. 


There are many ways to build partnerships. It is important to us that a partnership is based on trust and longevity and that a partnership is maintained. If you share these values and are interested in a partnership, please call us.

Martin Engelhard

Head of Partner Program

phone: +49 911 23990130

For partners with an emphasis on insurance

We are looking for partners who focus on the insurance industry. The partner offer portfolio and the NOVUM offer portfolio complement each other.

V'ger Sky Cloud Service Partnership

You do not have any interest in a classic IT project with hardware setup, installation of software, installation of the V'ger basic software, configuration of backup & restore procedures and IT operation for the application? Then you are right here.

As a partner, the V'ger Sky Cloud service takes care of all of these topics so that you can concentrate with your customers on the implementation new products, new processes, etc.

You are, for example:

  • an auditing company with consulting department
  • a consulting firm focusing on expert advice on insurance
  • a software company that offers software for insurance. V'ger applications and / or V'ger Sky Cloud services are a complement for both parties

V'ger Integration Partnership

You support your customers in the insurance industry in the implementation of IT projects, in the data center of the customer or in outsourcing.


You are, for example:

  • a consulting firm with a focus on professional and / or IT consulting for insurance companies
  • a consulting firm with Java software development KnowHow
  • a software company providing software for insurance companies. V'ger applications and / or V'ger Sky Cloud services are a complement for both parties

V'ger Distribution Partnership

V'ger Sky Cloud services as a rental model and the software license and maintenance business will also have their respective authorization in the coming years. For the software licensing and maintenance business, we are looking for national and international partners who focus on opening up new markets.

Software Development Partners

We are looking for software development partners, focusing on contract management, especially with a focus on financial services.

V'ger Solution Partnership

  • Do you support customers in the implementation of on-premise and / or cloud projects in the area of financial services and develop individual software and / or standard software for your customers?
  • You are a FinTech company and do not want to take care of IT backend processes, IT operations, certifications, IT security laws and regulatory compliance requirements (for example, § 203 StGB German compliance of the backend and the company)?

V'ger Enterprise Edition is a generic framework that focuses on contract management of all kinds. Whether insurance contracts or leasing, credit, reinsurance or other types of financial contracts.


The V'ger Enterprise Edition as V'ger Sky Cloud service is the ideal development platform for

  • Your individual software or your standard software for your customers (Decide for yourself whether NOVUM will ensure the operation for you or if you want to take over the operating model yourself)
  • Your FinTech or Innovation Lab project, as you no longer have to worry about building the backend and the related IT operations, security and compliance issues

Focus on the marketing and distribution of your offer. Focus on the User Experience and User Convience. The integration of individual frontends to the backend is simple, fast, secure and compliant based on V'ger Sky Enterprise Edition.


The V'ger Enterprise Edition is also the ideal development platform for on-premise software business models. Especially if you develop software for customers who are not in or will not be using the cloud.

As a partner we support you

NOVUM GmbH has developed an extensive concept as a modular system for the support of its partners, which can be adapted individually to the respective situation of the partner and can be put together to form an overall concept. NOVUM GmbH can help you with the following topics:

  • Sales training for V'ger applications and V'ger Sky cloud services
  • Consulting approaches for V'ger Sky cloud services
  • Training & workshop for V'ger applications
  • Training & workshop for V'ger Cloud services
  • Product development with V'ger and V'ger Sky applications (e.g. insurance products)
  • Best practice project implementation with V'ger on-premise implementations
  • Best practice implementation of V'ger Sky cloud services
  • Training & workshop for V'ger Enterprise Edition (on-premise basis for your SW development)
  • Training & workshop for V'ger Sky Enterprise Edition (cloud service as the basis for your SW development)

Technology Partnerships

We use basic technologies to other IT providers with whom we have entered into partnerships:

We use applications from other ISVs, which complement and round out our portfolio: