NDO - The DevOps Toolkit

Professional DevOps processes – the modern form of configuration management – are basic requirements for agile projects and close the gap between development and operation. They save time and money, sustainably enhance quality and are essential for short releases.


Since 1993 we develop professional standard software and combine our DevOps experience in a unique NDO DevOps Toolkit for enterprise customers.


Welcome to  NOVUM!


The solution is easy and efficient. 


NDO is the leading DevOps toolkit for automatic installation and configuration of all DevOps processes. The separate modules NDO-NGI the Novum Generic Installer and NDO-NPI the Novum Pipeline Infrastructure form together an all in one package for your DevOps.


  • Map development pipelines and their applications  
  • Quality management and installation of software packages and applications
  • Stage development-, test- and production environments

Thank's to "Infrastructure as Code" individual extensions can be adapted quick and easy.

  • Runs on Linux and Windows
  • Great functional range
  • Popular with many examples  

NDO - NGI Novum Generic Installer

Generation of

  • standard development environments
  • standard build environments                                      (e.g. Java, Maven, Gradle)
  • local project infrastructure
    (e.g. for single projects)
  • portable project infrastructure
    (e.g. for demonstration)
  • central project infrastructure as an image
    (e.g. AWS EC2, VMware servers)
  • central project infrastructure as a container
    (e.g. Docker)
  • Application installation with scripts
    (e.g. for CI processes)

NDO - NPI Novum Pipeline Infrastructure

The NPI provides the configured and complete applications automatically required for the pipelines (Infrastructure as code)



  • NPI handles abstract hardware resources (e.g.  Swarm technology and Clouds)
  • The interaction of the applications is configured automatically 


  • Pre-build configuration of all applications as "Infrastructure as code"
  • No manual efforts, rapid adaption, field proven interaction
  • Flexible adaption of pipeline applications and rapid integration of new applications
  • Hybrid cloud solutions can be build
  • A solid automation base for tomorrow's requirements 
  • Fast information's about the system state to different teams (developer, tester, QM)  
  • Increased software quality thru transparency
  • Definition of quality gates for quality assurance
  • Integratable in your local development environment