V'ger Sky for Compliance Manager

Because of its focus on the insurance industry, NOVUM GmbH has been familiar with the special regulatory conditions that the insurance industry is confronted with since 1993.


Not least due to the revision of many areas of the VAG (German supervisory law for insurances) along with the introduction of the Solvency II regime as of January 1, 2016, the effects on a Software-as-a-Service provider such as NOVUM GmbH are particularly pronounced. 


NOVUM GmbH is aware of this responsibility and has intensively dealt with the compliance function and its tasks described in section 29 para. 1 of the VAG as part of the development of the V'ger Sky cloud services, in particular with regard to the outsourcing of functions pursuant to section 34 of the VAG, and is therefore prepared accordingly. 


During the construction of the V'ger Sky services the following considerations were taken into account:

  • BSI Grundschutz's (German ISO27001) requirements for confidentiality, availability and robustness, as well as the integrity of the data
  • Requirements according to ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 27001: 2013, ISO 27017: 2015, ISO 27018: 2014
  • Requirement according to ISAE 3402
  • Trusted Cloud Initiative of the BMWi (German Federal Ministery of Economics and Technology) with the Trusted Cloud data protection profiles in version 0.9 from 13th April 2015 


Availability and Robustness

Data Integrity

§203 StGB compliant

(German law)

Confidentiality, data integrity and availability of data and metadata are guaranteed by V'ger Sky cloud services. Encryption of the data and metadata, combined with a sealing of the V'ger Sky cloud service, practically eliminates the knowledge of the data by unauthorized persons.


V'ger Sky cloud services can be used by professional bearer of secrets such as life, accident, and helath insurances, since technically no possibilities of disclosure can be conducted. For more information, please contact us.