The challenges faced by IT Managers

IT managers of insurance companies face a number of technical and organizational challenges 

New products and new markets

  • The rapid implementation of new products into existing legacy IT landscapes in a very short time is a huge challenge
  • The opening up of new markets, e.g. the run-off business of life insurance requires the deployment of IT systems in the shortest possible time

New digital processes

  • New digital processes in multi channel sales are the requirements of the future
  • Mainframe integration has its limits in end-to-end processes


Dictation of cost efficiency

  • The cost pressure is getting stronger
  • IT budget cuts are self-evident today, but more functionality is required



  • The digitization and renovation of legacy systems is already a major challenge
  • In addition, there are new regulatory reporting requirements and requirements such as the code of conduct (German requirement of deleting data by costumer demand)


Cloud Services: Basis For Every Digitalization Strategy

Cloud computing is a game changer. Developing and testing apps and web applications is the key to success. Cloud services such as V'ger Sky help minimize technical risks, while at the same time converting CapEx to OpEx and keeping costs controllably variable.


In the following the technical options of the V'ger Sky cloud service and the necessary technical prerequisites for the operation of V'ger applications in your own data center are described.

V'ger Sky Cloud Service

The V'ger Sky Cloud service provides the following features:

  •  The V'ger Sky cloud services use the NOVUM Cloud Platform (NCP)
  • This is designed according to the infrastructure-as-code method and therefore undergoes the classical methods of software development (modultesting, integration test, regression test, etc.)
  • The development and acceptance is galvanically separated from the application and is subject to a technically implemented internal control system (ICS)
  • The V'ger Sky cloud service is available within an hour of commissioning on the continent and the country of your choice
  • For German customers two data centers are available in Frankfurt am Main
  • V'ger Sky cloud service ensures end-to-end encryption of connections, data and metadata, and sealing of the V'ger Sky cloud service environments
  • V'ger Sky cloud service is also suitable for professional secrecy (e.g. §203 StGB German Law)
  • V'ger Sky cloud service is highly available and robust in operation
  • V'ger Sky cloud service scales automatically in both directions depending on usage - Constant performance is guaranteed
  • A development, acceptance, and production environments are available, e.g. for the customizing of new products  


Obligations for V'ger Sky users

With easy integration, the V'ger Sky cloud service is an ideal addition to existing application environments and helps

IT departments to implement digital requirements in record time.


The following tasks remain the responsibility of the V'ger Sky customer:

  • Various options are possible for connecting the customer to the V'ger Sky cloud service. We always recommend the connection with the highest possible security. As a minimum, we recommend a VPN connection and https: // protocol with a strong cipher. The responsibility lies with the customer
  • The administration of users, groups and their roll assignment for the V'ger Sky applications is the responsibility of the customer
  • The professional administration, e.g. customizing of a new product, document and reporting templates as well as the execution of the batch runs is the sole responsibility of the V'ger Sky customer
  • The existing standard API of V'ger Sky applications can be accessed (synchronously and / or asynchronously) at the "cloud border" for V'ger Sky customers
  • The provision of on-premise backend system interfaces, e.g. to the general ledger or to a data warehouse, is the responsibility of the V'ger Sky customer


Supported technologies for in house operation

V'ger applications are not only available as V'ger Sky cloud services but can also be installed and operated on-premise by the customer in their own data center. The same functionality of the application is provided for both variants.

A change from on-premise to V'ger Sky cloud service is possible at any time.


V'ger applications run on the following basic software components:

  • Java from version 1.6 is the basic prerequisite
  • The following application servers with Java EE version 5 are supported:
    • JBoss
    • IBM Websphere
    • Oracle Weblogic
  • The following database systems are supported:
    • DB2
    • Derby
    • Hypersonic
    • MS SQL
    • Oracle
    • PostgreSQL

If you have any further questions about technical details when installing V'ger applications in your in-house datacenter, please do not hesitate to contact us.