V'ger License Models

There are two license variants for all NOVUM GmbH applications:

  • The V'ger Sky price model for the award-winning and innovative cloud service V'ger Sky according to the pay-as-you-use approach
  • The V'ger license and maintenance model for on-premise use in your own data center or in the outsourcing of your choice 

V'ger Sky pay-as-you-use pricing model

The V'ger Sky price model is the winner of the 2016 Digital Leader Award. The customer benefits from all the advantages of using the cloud. Billing is made on a monthly basis according to the principle of price per contract and year. Pay-as-you-use and automatic scalability instead of a one-time payment.

V'ger license and support model

 The model is based on a classic licensing and support model and consists of the following components:

  • The basis for the calculation is the gross premium written contract volume
  • The annual support fee is calculated as a percentage of the total license volume
    as of December 31st, of the previous year